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The Exorcist Hoodie
The Exorcist Hoodie


Spanish exorcist quits to be with his devilish new woman: Bishop steps down for brand spanking new life with divorcee creator of erotic satanic novels who has studied sexology and yoga.

Xavier Novell introduced resignation ultimate month for ‘strictly own causes’

This week, it changed into published the 52-yr-historical become in a romantic relationship.

Silvia Caballol, a divorced mom-of-two, is a psychologist and author of erotic fiction books that feature testimonies of demonic lust

the two reportedly met after Novell began studying demonology 

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The Exorcist Hoodie
The Exorcist Hoodie

An ultraconservative Spanish bishop and exorcist stopped starting a brand new lifestyle with his accomplice – a divorced creator of erotic satanic novels.
Xavier Novell, fifty-two, announced closing month that he changed into resigning from his put up as Bishop of Solsona in Catalonia for ‘strictly very own explanations.’
On Monday, it became revealed through religion Digital, a news site, that Novell had fallen for Silvia Caballol, a divorced mom-of-two.
Novell reportedly mentioned he had ‘fallen in love and ‘desired to do the right factor.’
Caballo, 38, is a writer of erotic novels that include characters ‘possessed with the aid of the demon of lust,’ a fact which has raised eyebrows amongst Novell’s former colleagues.

Youngsters, Novell is probably going no stranger to the demonic, having been among the handful of Spanish bishops to decline to have an exorcist appointed in 2015, opting as a substitute to function the role himself.
He reportedly met Caballol, a psychologist who has studied sexology, yoga, Catholicism, and Islam, after he began gaining knowledge of demonology.
Xavier Novell, 52, announced remaining month that he was resigning from his post as Bishop of Solsona in Catalonia for ‘strictly own factors’

On Monday, it became published that Novell had fallen for Silvia Caballol (pictured), a divorced mother-of-two who writes erotic fiction.
Her books are described by her writer as turning ‘all our ethical and ethical issues the wrong way up.’
The Hell in Gabriel’s Lust, Caballol’s most contemporary booklet, guarantees ‘prisons, psychopathy, sects, sadism, madness, lust and, step by step, as the story progresses… The unreality of immortality and the crude battle between first-rate and evil, between God and devil, and between angels and demons.’
Caballo’s newest e-book, The Hell in Gabriel’s Lust


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