NFL Los Angeles Rams Ugly Christmas Sweater

NFL Los Angeles Rams Ugly Christmas Sweater

NFL Los Angeles Rams Ugly Christmas Sweater


NFL Los Angeles Rams Ugly Christmas Sweater
NFL Los Angeles Rams Ugly Christmas Sweater

When I was a kid, my family and I would go to the store and spend hours looking at all of the different Christmas ornaments. We’d get excited about every new tree we saw, talking about how much prettier it was than our old one. Then we’d see another tree that’s even more beautiful, and then another one that has several points over ours. The competition between trees got so intense that it became kind of like an ugly-sweater contest: someone always had to be wearing theirs with pride.
I’m not surprised when they released this Los Angeles Rams Ugly Christmas Sweater because you could never find something uglier in a store than what whoever put up in their respective window display for people to

The Los Angeles Rams Ugly Christmas Sweater is the perfect gift for any football fan. It’s made of 100% cotton and features a team logo on the front chest with an embroidered Santa Claus on the back of this one-size-fits-most sweater.

“I told you we should’ve gone to the mall,” said my dad.
He always says that when I turn out something for school or a party and it’s less than stellar. We would put up with his complaining every time if only he didn’t have such impeccable taste, but no. The sweater was hideous- not just in my opinion either; I could tell the other kids at the party thought so too because they weren’t commenting on how cool it looked like they were supposed to be doing.
It was also made of wool, which is weird since most sweaters nowadays are cotton; why couldn’t we find one of those? Because Walmart had closed early and our last hope was this ugly Christmas sweater from Target that didn

NFL Los Angeles Rams Ugly Christmas Sweater

NFL Los Angeles Rams Ugly Christmas Sweater
NFL Los Angeles Rams Ugly Christmas Sweater

The Los Angeles Rams are now in their second year in LA. The team has not won a Super Bowl since the 1999 season, but they have been steadily improving. They were recently ranked as one of the top four teams according to ESPN’s power rankings. Their newest jersey is for sale on NFLShop and it features an ugly Christmas sweater on it that says “LA Rams” across the chest with Santa Claus on each sleeve.

When the Rams’ starting quarterback gets hurt, the team has to look for a new one. It’s LA, so of course they need an American Quarterback who can go outside and throw in December. On their way home from practice, some players see something that catches their eye: a bright red sweater with “Los Angeles” and “Rams” written on it! This is perfect for them since they’re going to be competing in colder weather this time of year. The ugly Christmas Sweater was on sale for $15 at Macy’s and had been discounted down to $7 because it was last year’s model. When the player tried on his newly bought sweater, he realized that it didn’t shrink when thrown into the dryer

Tommy wakes up feeling hungover. He had a great time with his buddies last night, but he can’t remember what they talked about or if they made any resolutions to change their behavior in 2018. The only thing he remembers is buying an ugly Christmas sweater that says “Los Angeles Rams.” Now, it’s just sitting there on the floor among all of the other packages from Amazon Prime Day-including ones for things Tommy doesn’t even recall ordering!

“Rams fans, don’t sweat it! It’s time to get your ugly Christmas sweater on and show your team some love this holiday season. Dress up with the rest of LA in these festive Rams sweaters!”


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