Iota Phi Theta Fraternity 1963 Baseball Jersey


Iota Phi Theta Fraternity 1963 Baseball Jersey


Iota Phi Theta Fraternity 1963 Baseball Jersey
Iota Phi Theta Fraternity 1963 Baseball Jersey

The year is 1963, the place is Birmingham Alabama. Iota Phi Theta was just getting started on their journey to dominate all other Greek organizations across America. Two brothers who were among the founding fathers of our fraternity, Tootie Smith and Frank Woods Jr., had sketched out a design for our first official shirt – The baseball jersey. They were so proud of it that they wore it everywhere they went in Birmingham during rush week. One day while waiting at a stop light next to another car full of Black people, one of them said “Hey man, what’s the significance with your shirt?”. This question caused Tootie and Frank to think about what they were wearing; because if you didn’t know anything about Iota Phi The

The first thing that I noticed was the smell of smoke. It had a sweet, acrid fragrance that reminded me of burnt marshmallows and melting plastic. The air grew thicker as we walked closer to the house, making it difficult to breathe.
I stepped over a charred piece of wood and my heart sunk when I saw what used to be our garage door. Visions flashed through my mind: car parts strewn about on the ground, an oil spill from the busted gas tank leaking into our yard from where they’re buried under all those broken bricks… I shook them away because at this point there’s nothing more that could go wrong with this day.
Two men stood guard by either side of the front door, dressed in

The crisp, white shirt flowed from the dryer. I smoothed it out and folded it delicately before placing it on my bed. The numbers looked sharp against the black background, preserving the memories of past brothers who had worn them before me. My fingers traced every symbol and number as if to commit them to memory for when I would wear this jersey myself. There was no turning back now-I’d made up my mind and there was no going back after what happened last night. I shook off those thoughts as best as possible, focusing instead on how proud my parents would be if they could see me now: a college man ready to take on his future with head held high despite any obstacles that may come along the way

Iota Phi Theta Fraternity 1963 Baseball Jersey


Iota Phi Theta Fraternity 1963 Baseball Jersey
Iota Phi Theta Fraternity 1963 Baseball Jersey

It was game day and the team was getting ready. Most of them didn’t wear this jersey because it wasn’t their favorite, but they wore it anyway for good luck. They weren’t feeling too confident, because all their other games had ended in losses. The other teams were ranked higher than theirs so they knew everyone would be pumped up to beat them today. To make matters worse, one of the players got injured at practice yesterday morning before the game started; he couldn’t even walk to the stadium with his teammates now.
Batter up! One by one, each player stepped up to take a turn at bat during that first round of batting practice, making sure not to hit anything out into foul territory. Everyone watched as ball after ball

The sound of the ball hitting off the bat was music to Jacob’s ears. The sun had set, but there was enough light that he could see well enough to catch it if he ran up to reach for it. He considered running for just a moment before deciding against it. Bad things happened when you missed your chance to catch a ball, and none of them were pleasant or easy.
He looked around him at all the other people standing in this alleyway with him, waiting patiently as they checked their watches for the time between each pitch from pitcher John Whitehead who stood on top of his mound about 30 yards away from them all – everyone except Derrick Williams who seemed more interested in checking out how tight Angela Scott’s jeans were than anything else

The first Iota Phi Theta Fraternity 1963 baseball jersey was made in the summer of 1963. The design has been used since then by all members- initiated and non-initiated alike, with some modifications over the years. It is a blue shirt with white trim. There are three gold stripes around the armholes that are at the bottom, just above where one would have their shoulder pads if they were playing football or baseball.

“Do you know how much this thing costs?” Larry asked. His hand was shaking as he looked at the price tag attached to the 1962 National Champions Iota Phi Theta Fraternity 1963 Baseball Jersey.
“Three hundred dollars,” his friend, Tony, said in a low voice. “But we can’t let these go for that much.”
The two men gathered up all of the shirts and took them outside to their car. They were going to take them back and get a refund from where they had bought it from earlier in the day before any one else found out about their plan or saw what they had stolen from Old Navy’s store room

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