Back The Blue Hawaii Shirt

Back The Blue Hawaii Shirt

Back The Blue Hawaii Shirt


Back The Blue Hawaii Shirt
Back The Blue Hawaii Shirt

The shirt is absolutely beautiful. It’s blue and there was a button on the back that said “Back The Blue” which is so true. I felt like it would be perfect for my friend who loves all things patriotic, especially America. As soon as they opened the present, their eyes lit up with joy!

“I’m just trying to buy a shirt, that’s all,” said the customer. “No big deal.” The cashier glared at him for a second, before she decided it was not worth her time. She rang up his purchase and he left with no problem. The next day he came in again and attempted to purchase another shirt with the same words on it: “Back The Blue Hawaii Shirt”. It took two minutes for security guards to come into the store and escort him out as he protested loudly and tried to resist them.

I had been so preoccupied with the house I was cleaning that I didn’t notice my favorite blue shirt was missing until after I finished. In a way, it’s a blessing because there’s no telling what could have happened to it if it were here. Take for example, the night before when all of our food went missing and we found out that one of my coworkers accidentally mixed up the refrigerator labels. The only thing left untouched was this blue shirt! Whoever took it must have really wanted it-and not just because they’re a fan of Hawaii 5-0 either!

Back The Blue Hawaii Shirt

Back The Blue Hawaii Shirt
Back The Blue Hawaii Shirt

Every day, when I wake up and put on my Blue Hawaii shirt and matching boxer briefs, I feel like a million bucks. I was able to afford the clothes with the money that I had saved from when I was in college. My parents would always tell me that wearing quality clothes reflects well on you and it makes people believe in your brand (whatever that means).

I was on the beach, playing some tennis with my friends. I spotted a cute girl in her twenties sitting on the sand reading a book while sunbathing. She wore some navy blue shorts and had light brown hair tied up in a bun.
“Hey guys,” I spoke to them, “You see that girl?” They both nodded their heads yes. “I’m going to go over there and tell her how great she looks.” My two friends laughed at me but then they watched me walk towards her anyways, confident that this would work out well for me like it always did before.
As soon as I got close enough, she looked up from her book and greeted me with surprise…
The feeling of the cotton shirt was like walking on clouds. It enveloped her, and she never wanted to take it off. She would save it for special occasions, but not just any occasion will do. This is a sacred shirt that she’ll only wear when things are at their worst – when there’s no hope left in the world and all you can do is place your faith in something greater than yourself.
The shirt had been sitting in the corner of my grandfather’s closet for years. It was a bright blue shirt with “Back The Blue” printed on it. I never understood why he would wear such an outdated, cheap looking shirt to work every day, but he did and swore by it. I asked him about his love for wearing this shirt one day while we were getting ready for school—he always came to pick me up before work since my parents both worked late. As usual, he told me how much he loved this particular Hawaiian-style button-down because of the way it made him feel when people looked at him when they passed in public or even if they just took notice of who was carrying you over their shoulder into the

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